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Treasured moments.

Visiting family am friends in m last few weeks of pregnancy was much needed. I was surprised with my baby shower that was organised by my family it was such a special day, reminding me that it’s important to share these life changes with the people that matter the most.
Aside from enjoying pleasant company and eating plenty of my mums home baked goods, I was also reunited with my dear cat rupert .. Oh how I had missed him!

With my visit becoming a treasured memory it is now very apparent that time is running very fast, dates on the calendar are beginning to have more significance with each day I am faced with the possibility of a new arrival … Although I am pretty sure he will arrive past his due date or casually late.!

So with the thought of a new spring/summer wardrobe in mind I have been clearing out some old clothes to allow room, I came across this dress which is even nice to wear at this late stage f my pregnancy with a pair of sheer maternity tights and a little tanned belt to bring it together.

The dress is actually currently in the new look sale-£13



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  1. OwlMcCloud says:

    Had nooooooo idea you were pregnant till I read this lol. Looking good and great blog.

    • Thank you I am so grateful people are reading as it gives me more reason to post more frequently. Pregnancy has its moments and writing this blog has allowed me to articulate all sorts of thoughts. So thank your visit 🙂

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