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Night owl.

With my usual strict sleep schedule a thing of the past I have quickly learnt a few things to keep me going through my sleepy late nights. Granted I am lucky that Francis has already adopted a nighttime routine, I still find it tough to be alert at 4am which is why I decided to gather some old favourites to read in times of need. 

Frankie magazine has always provided me with inspiration with pages of thought provoking quirky articles and unlike other glossy mags frankie is not cluttered with adverts and perfume samples. Thankfully the issues I have are old enough that I had forgotten some of the articles, making my tired reading hour feel like a new reding experience rather than a pointless one involving page flicking. 
Nighttime feeds can be a difficult time for new mums, I have struggled with breastfeeding but after 2 weeks of trial and error I am proud to say Francis and I have managed to conquer breast feeding, tackling the late nights together I have finally found peace with nighttime. 

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