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The unfamiliar sounds of nature

The window is left ajar to allow the sounds of outside to gently creep in and replace the usual mechanical sounds that fill my house. People often talk about the soothing sounds of the birds and now I can relate to that calming chirping … it sounds like life.

I have polluted my own life with the sounds of my iPhone the sound of my computer, Xbox, Ipad, baby toys …. everything and avoided the beauty of real sounds.

So for the past few weeks Francis and I have spent lots of time outside (hence why I have been away from the computer)

our time indoors has been spent recreating my own childhood in the form of dens filled with fairy lights and books and instead of taking an embarrassing amount of pictures to upload I have just enjoyed the time spent with my little scamp.

I do not intend to make a habit of this rather organic approach to living because I enjoy google too much to let go, but I do intend to take a break every now and then just to remind myself what the birds actually sound like.

Without google I am unable to function – google helps me decide on what I should eat for breakfast 


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