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Today I wear my struggles for everyone to see, my eyes small and squinty through complete lack of sleep and my hair screaming for some TLC!

Despite wearing my new(ish) summer dress and it being a lovely sunny weekend, I don’t feel quite right.

Francis has decided to fight our usual night time routine which has changed the peaceful dynamics in the house. The night time chaos doesn’t tend to simmer down and to be honest in my mind it feels like it goes on all night.
However this is something we are working on as I am sure Francis is having a hard time and we just need to support him through this phase.
It is so easy to allow the lack of sleep and stress to get on top of me so I am on route to self recovery – hence why today I woke up at 6am to go for a morning run by the sea.
Although 6am is slightly mad as I am complaining of lack of sleep, the running helps boost my mood and keep me at a level pace in my head. The calm of the sea contrasts with my mind which is always two steps ahead constantly full speed, so its a perfect way to keep calm and run!

As well as running regularly we invested in a juicer after much debate, we are hoping our better lifestyles will give us a boost. I am already hooked and love experimenting with flavours, I think little Francis does too 🙂

I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend 🙂
thank you to all my followers who support me and give me a great reason to keep posting blogs and updates.

This is me pre run – messy bedrooms can wait I was determined to start my day like this.


Let the juice making begin.



And finally carefully hiding the face trying to look ‘posed’
This dress is from Vera Moda



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