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The air was clean with natures different scents gently wafting around us.

Tall tree’s whispered in the slight breeze which towered over us without closing us in. Francis’s energy shifted as he absorbed his surroundings with wide eyes, running free with no direction and curiosity having no limits.

Enthralled by adventure, Francis and his cousins were oblivious to anything else whilst trapped in the imaginary world they had created. Happy little voices echoed leaving a high pitched trace for us parents to follow.

Gathering sticks to build forts, their tiny hands not quite able to hold more than one at a time. We all mucked in with the hope of making a wigwam, of course this didn’t go to plan but the process of making it took me back to my own child hood leaving me reminiscing and surrendering to the peter pan in me.

We were free.

Leaving the woods felt like leaving someone behind, like saying goodbye to a friend you know you wont see in a while. It wasn’t quite sadness I am describing but more of a sentimental farewell a longing for something that hadn’t even gone yet.

That day they left with something magical something that watching cartoons or playing computer games doesn’t quite reach, something that is worth traveling far to find.


I filmed a short video for my YouTube Channel featuring this little forest adventure – this will be part of a series of short videos I will be posting following our mission to seek adventure.


Thank you for reading 🙂

What do you like to do with your family? Do you think it is important to encourage our children’s imagination?


Let me know what you think I would love to hear from you.





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