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Wild Flower.

A huge knitted jumper my Grandma knitted and a lunch pack filled with sandwiches my mum prepared, a journal to make a note of my findings and a disposable camera to take grainy pictures of the fairies I might see.

The moss that covered the trees reminded me of tiny islands covering the bark.

Earthy smells and different shades of green broken with burst of colour from wild flowers.




Through their eyes I visualise snippets of my childhood unravel, curiosity filling their little minds.


We could get lost here, lost in thought in meaningless conversation, and simplicity.

Holding my littlest close to my chest I reflect for just enough time to treasure our cuddle as well, without being too distracted. He is content in my arms for now at least. Happily listening to the sound of the birds which is partly over shadowed by the sound of his big brother having a sword fight with the sticks he has gathered.

IMG_3265 (3).jpg

My hands so big against your tiny ones, new hands, delicate hands. 

Hidden deep in the realm of the woodland, we find a den perfect for hiding from the monsters. Francis handed me some flowers he picked and kissed me on the lips, sloppy wet toddler kiss.

I balance Wilbur on my hip the same way I held Francis when he was a baby, remembering the time when he was small but not able to imagine life without Wilbie in it. His chubby little legs tighten as I carefully lower myself to Francis’s level –

“There is a scary monster out there mumma stay here”



Imagination it carries them and guides them into places we can’t see.

Eyes wide.

Take it all in little one I think as I watch how he climbs over the fallen trunk.

I notice the trees and how the vines intertwine like clumsy embroidery. How the sun creeps through, seams of gold lighting the dark forest floor.



Long patterned dress with thick tights a sort of put together in a rush look. My dad kept telling me to lift my dress as I walked through the scruffy brambles. 

I am searching for fairies, I reassured him as I continued to walk ahead. 

My sister and I held hands I felt scared for a moment. She caught me looking back to make sure my dad was in sight. 

We laughed. 






The sibling bond a unique friendship my boys are yet to discover, for now they are working each other out through a series of knowing looks, laughter and play. Life with out Francis is unknown to Wilbs but Francis is still finding his big brother feet.

Francis wrapped his arms around his little brother, not aware of his strength pushing forward and squeezing him closer. The purple hue from the bluebells reflects on their peachy skin.

Take it all in I tell myself.


I didn’t want to leave the forest today I could have stayed for hours or at least until dusk. Two sleepy boys ready to make tracks we leave with the hope of coming back soon.

Francis takes one last look under the bluebells for the fairies, and gently taps the violet petals convinced he might get a gimps of one.



Wild Flower: a flower growing freely without human intervention. 

I watched Francis’s imagination grow here.


My soul rested. My heart full.






Beautiful photographs taken by my lovely friend Gemma. 

Find her work here – 

Instagram –

Facebook – 

She has such a unique style and her ability to capture the sentiment in everyday is truly inspiring. She is my soul sister xx 







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18 responses to “Wild Flower.”

  1. Maisie says:

    Such a beautiful post Hannah! You have such a beautiful way with words! These photos are so magical too!

    • ordinaryhannahlucy says:

      Hello my lovely,
      Thank you so much, I really enjoyed doing this post. There is nothing better than taking a walk in the woods especially when the bluebells are around – so dreamy <3

      Hope you are well and having a nice weekend xxx

  2. Nyomi says:

    Beautiful Hannah. I do this too, remember my childhood as I play with my children.

    • ordinaryhannahlucy says:

      It is lovely to look back, do you find yourself doing things you did as a child with your children now?
      Hope all is well my lovely, thank you for reading this 🙂 xxx

  3. I’m still not over what a beautiful post this is – I love it! xxx

    • ordinaryhannahlucy says:

      You are so kind and I can’t thank you enough for sharing this out. I tend to neglect my blog for long periods but it is so nice to get back into it. You have helped encourage me to keep going 😀 So glad you like this post <3 xxxx Lots of love

  4. Heather Keet says:

    This is so sweet! #BlogCrush

  5. fmik says:

    I really enjoyed your writing.. simply beautiful

  6. Surrey mama says:

    What gorgeous pictures. They really are beautiful what a talented friend. #blogcrush

    • ordinaryhannahlucy says:

      Gemma is an amazing photographer I am a lucky friend to have her 🙂 Thank you so much for taking the time to read xx

  7. Alice says:

    This post is gorgeous as as your photos!

    Alice | alicemaysnell

  8. Lucy At Home says:

    Oh I love the imagery and delicacy in this post! What a beautiful idea to add in sections of your own childhood too. And the photographs enhance the meaning so perfectly. Congratulations because someone added this to the blogcrush linky (and I’m so glad they did because I loved reading it) #blogcrush

    • ordinaryhannahlucy says:

      Lucy thank you so much for your kind words, I really enjoyed writing this the photographs inspired me to try a different writing style. I am so pleased to know this has been enjoyed – much love xx

  9. Helena says:

    This is a beautiful post. Love the photography and mixture of old and new. The capture of the baby gaping in awe was well timed. #BlogCrush

    • ordinaryhannahlucy says:

      Thank you Helena, my friend is a truly talented photographer which helped with the writing inspiration. I will treasure these photos always 🙂 So grateful you took the time to read/comment <3 xx

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