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Princess In The Meadows




I tied silk scarves to my hair as a child just so I could have princess hair, I placed the scarves over one shoulder and pretended to brush it like the scene from the Little Mermaid when Ariel is brushing her hair with a fork .

A fancy dress box over flowing with garments, forgotten clothes which fueled my imagination and need to be someone else. An escape I became so attached to.

Delicate fabrics, dusty pinks and broken jewels, I was a princess in over sized dresses all misshapen, my messy hair unlike the Disney princesses I wanted to be – just a little girl unsure of who she wanted to be.


Time has passed since the fancy dress box, I now have two children of my own….



“Shhh I will tell you a secret” I whisper to Francis. His little face lights up, his finger tips pinch together as he fidgets on the spot.

“There are princesses here, wicked witches and talking animals”

Inviting him to play along, we play make believe in the meadows.


We talk about our favourite Disney characters and I tell him he can be who ever he likes.


A young prince with a golden crown balanced on his head – my own prince charming. Escaping the ordinary we created our own magic, much like the tales in a Disney film.


True beauty is found not in how one looks, but in how one treats others. (Beauty and The Beast)

Out here in the meadows, a canopy under the blossom tree I was that little girl again, in my mind I was Belle. And the beauty we found that day went further than what our eyes could see.

The way Francis held my hand the way Wilbur’s nose crinkled when he laughed and the way we all came together. Playful and happy.




We can all find a connection with a Disney character and mine will always be Belle. Slightly distracted, curious and not part of a crowd. Perhaps it was the connection with the brown hair or maybe I saw myself as an oddball surrounded by narrow minds.



Inspired by Disney I will continue to share stories with my boys, wicked witches, princesses and thieves. Adventure seeking heroines and heroes. Courage, sadness and unlikely romances.



And of course dresses that even a non conventional girl like me would feel like a princess in.




I was approached by the Disney Store to participate in the Disney Store’s historic 30th anniversary. I would love to know what your favorite Disney films are? Can you relate to any Disney characters?


Photography Details – Gemma Butterworth based in Portsmouth UK. Her unique style of photographing and the way she is able to capture raw beauty – a true talent. 

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