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Keeping up appearances

My tatty old leggings had failed me, practically see through and far from being the most flattering item of clothing, I decided to let go of them. Made for comfort it was inevitable that I would find myself wearing them everyday in a sort of ‘that will do’ sense. Currently my favourite items of clothing have been forced at the back of my bulging wardrobe, mainly because they don’t quite do my growing bump justice, I now dress for comfort. However this is not to say I have held back on experimenting with different styles to suit my changing body, I still like to feel good on the outside and even rather enjoy the daily battle I have with my clothes as it keeps me on my toes.

So here is a picture taken of me at 27 weeks. Wearing a classic black elasticated waist (which of corse in my case is essential) skirt brought from topshop for £16
I have paired it up with a little chiffon top which I got a few sizes bigger giving me space to tuck it in to have it loose rather than hugging my belly, I purchased this from ark.

Pregnancy is a special time but it is not short of surprises, being a first time mother the experiences I face are all new. Some times feeling good within yourself can add to the glowing feeling you already hold.




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6 responses to “Keeping up appearances”

  1. junnabin says:

    love the dress though! 😉


  2. tamedfaddism says:

    1) congrats on the pregnancy
    2) i really like skater skirt, i’ve been looking for one but i don’t think they’d hang quite right on me anyway. i also really like the stripy vest top – loving the monochrome theme

  3. nograceno says:

    I really like ur outfits 🙂

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