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Time Keeper.

The winter sun bleeds through the window, reminding me that I should go out and make the most of it after all the rain will be back before long.
I hesitate in my thoughts of leaving the house, partly because my outings are often spent alone.
Moving into a new city during my pregnancy has proved to be most hard, without the network of family and close friends I am left longing for company.
My boyfriend has of corse been there and put up with the hormone changes, understanding my frustration with my life change he has helped me look at the positive side of things.
I have managed to join groups in hope that I will meet new people, and I am sure come spring I will have a new network of friends to share coffee dates with and talk about all the latest fashion gossip.
But until then I am trying to embrace what I have got rather than dwell on the things I haven’t got.
Firstly I am a mother to be, and that in itself is truly special I am never alone really whilst he is kicking me and reminding me that he too needs my love.

So as I stare out the window I realise that the sun will shine again sometime soon and really it is no reason for me to rush out. Time may be precious but today I am ok getting lost in the pages of Jean-Paul Satre.


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