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Reality bites.

There is a wonderful sense of community that comes with pregnancy, women join together on forums, in groups, classes and talk about their personal experiences. It’s rather nice if like me you don’t know any other pregnant women it makes me feel less alone.
However with this being said I am shocked at the way in which some women talk about their birthing experiences.
The concept of Internet forums are of corse to enable people to be open I understand that and respect that we are all intitled to have opinions and the freedom to express ourselves, but this morning I was left baffled after reading a post someone had written about the horrors of childbirth and the ‘stuff they don’t tell you’
Her post left me truly unsettled, although the things she was talking about were things I already knew, reading them in black and white in such detail was enough to make me stop in my thoughts. Reading through the comments (i couldn’t help myself) my legs tightened closer together, an automatic response to the unnnesesary use of descriptive words with undertones of bitterness.
Paused and unsettled I became over whelmed with anger, as a new mum to be I am already so frightened of childbirth let alone everything else, but I actively seek out the positives rather than calculate the negatives in order to avoid the anxious feeling that crawls under my skin.

So I thank this lady for her not so delicate insight into pregnancy and child birth, I thank her for making me realise that strength is something that is not earned or given out, it is practiced and rehearsed I will learn to be strong the best I can.


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