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Hormones vs Me

Fighting with my hormones feels like an unfair battle, I don’t have the energy they have to keep at it all day. I have managed to hide behind a shield of comfort food, good books and pride as I do not intend to loose this on going battle.
I always thought hormones in pregnancy were used to excuse us from verbally abusing our partners, throwing tantrums about silly things, and shedding tears over the smallest thing.
But they really are there to tug at every emotion, testing us on a daily basis with confusion as its sidekick. If hormones had a face it would be a smug one the kind you would throw punches at.

It could just be me reaching my third trimester has been rewarding challenging and exhausting I can only assume my hormones are a part of the finish line marking the journey, it’s a tough land mark I have reached but as I walk through at my own pace I will take it all as part of the process. I am not sure why I cried watching homes under the hammer, I am unaware of why I got mad at my partner for not noticing my sadness, I will never really know why I got emotional looking at youthful pictures of myself. But either way pregnancy has a funny way of reminding us that life has so many ups and downs at times the downs feel dark and scary but they make even the slightest hill look pretty magical.



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