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Freckle Face.

Posting this has taken me to a vulnerable place, my nerves lie deep with the issues I have with make up and the need to cover up. Although I am not over the top with my make up routine and don’t hide behind cake layered foundation 3 tones darker than my natural shade, I still hide behind tints and shades to enhance my skin/eyes a routine I have been perfecting since I was 16 years old a routine so normal to me that without these habits I feel almost lost. Seeing my reflection without makeup just doesn’t seem right, like a different face staring back, a face that I am in denial with a face that I haven’t quite got to know.
I want to get to know these freckles I have been covering up for all these years I want to accept my eyes without dark eyeliner and mascara I want to embrace what I have not only because it will cut time out of my day but mirror time can be replaced with all the baby chores I have ahead of me, but it will help me accept who I really am with more sincere values.
It doesn’t mean as soon as baby is born I am going to ditch the makeup and take up a careless approach to my appearance, it doesn’t mean I am going to let myself go in a hippy tree loving way it just means I can have the choice rather than be a slave to my monotonous routine.
Today is day one of no makeup. I hate it. I notice I even look at my boyfriend differently
Using my hair to shield my face when we talk at this point I realise my relationship with makeup is a lot stronger than what I thought, depending on it means breaking free from it is quite the challenge. Today is cold turkey but I am glad I have taken this step! Being a busy mother in a few months will be hard I won’t have that precious me time that takes place every morning touching up my blusher so perhaps this will help me prepare for those times.



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