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Time is a dimension in which events can be ordered from the past through the present

Reaching the third trimester feeling tired and unorganised (regardless of my endless to do lists) the third trimester induces panic and excitement, a confusing combination by any means. Being a first time mum I am faced with normal anxiety, child birth being the main contender, with the initial fear of motherhood being up there too.
It’s fair to say that 9 months feels like a life time, yet at the same time contradicting this statement it feels slow and tiresome, strangely each day has provided me with a different emotion entirely, often I start the week in panic worrying about the tasks I have ahead, the long list of things I must prepare and buy and by Wednesday evening I am hooked to google typing away my fears and symptoms relying on websites to provide me with relief and answers to my questions ‘is my bump big enough’ ‘how many kicks should I get a day’ ‘should I pack my hospital bag now’ seriously! I googled that. How on earth google will know whether or not I should pack my bag I do not know, but either way this is something I have become accustomed to and something that eases my deranged panic.
Friday is usually a good day I have been given a second wind; I am lifted and full of energy. I have good ideas on a Friday conjuring up plans and writing them in tatty notepads has become force of habit Saturday and Sunday fly past. I spend hours in a daydream imagining life and what it looks like In 2 months, admiring my bump and busying myself.
Monday comes along another week it’s like I am waiting for Christmas to arrive only I know what my present is and I want to open it now!
I wonder if google has the answers to why 9 months feels like a lifetime.



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