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Moving to the sound of music…

I have this terrible habit of stealing my boyfriends clothes, even before pregnancy I would raid his wardrobe for over size jumpers and shirts. But this time I have an excuse as I am finding my clothes are limited now I am getting bigger, with winter still very apparent I can’t wear summer dresses and cute cardis to compliment my bump instead it’s jumpers and my boyfriends shirts.
It’s not so bad although I am at the stage of feeling frumpy rather than glowing, but I keep reminding myself that this is all for a reason and making the most of it is important.

This evening I have been playing music to my baby creating playlists and trying to avoid heavy metal! It seems he likes it so I shall continue to play him some of my favourite songs…
So far he appears to move most to – Bastille (Flaws) & Foals (inhaler)



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