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Hello Francis James aka (baby frankie)

Francis James born April 7th
I always vowed never to reveal my birth story simply because I wouldn’t want to scare anyone with unnnesesary detail and its perhaps best to skip the birth and introduce you to my beautiful baby boy…

He is a week old and so far enjoyed plenty of cuddles and visitors, we are currently adapting to our new roles and each day holds a unique charm because each day is so different.
I couldn’t possibly explain the love I already hold for my baby the intense feeling is almost overwhelming even now. Night times are spent looking over at his peaceful sleepy face, my eyes feel heavy from lack of sleep but I am still running on the adrenaline and sheer excitement that he is finally here.

From now on my blogs will be slightly different but I still plan to maintain a fashion/lifestyle theme to each post.

So here he is in pictures from the past week.







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