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Beautiful chaos

3.37 a.m the face of my clock was mocking me 3.37!! My tired eyes are not meant for wake up calls. Had I not prepared myself for the not so sweet sounding baby cries stealing me away from precious dreams.
Truthfully I hit rock bottom a few nights ago,sleep deprived and fearful of my own baby’ howls I was unable to work out what his crying meant or even how to soothe him
I felt defeated and restless.
During these moments of confusion and frustration I looked at Francis James, his wide awake eyes met with my sleepy eyes I felt my shoulders drop and the ridges in my spine that had made my posture tense ease up. I had found clarity by simply looking at my beautiful son, we are both in this together learning new things and adapting, sure the restless nights test my patience but its not the same each night it’s like sleep roulette at the moment as I am never quite sure what kind of night is ahead.

Our life’s have collided and with each motion I feel our bond grow tighter, everything is changing and often things are chaotic but this is just the start…
Beautiful chaos.




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