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Radical Honesty

One month has slipped by and just as I had anticipated it has gone by so quickly!
I am getting to know my little boy and adjusting to life as a mother.

Trying to make unbrushed hair look effortless, applying make up in record time, eating dinner with one hand, singing nursery rhymes in the early hours and breast feeding on demand have been just a few things I am tackling at the moment. I like the challenge.. But was foolish to believe being a mother would be easy because truthfully nothing prepares you.

Things I have learnt:

Trial and error is often the best way to learn what is best for you.

Listening to other people’s experiences has really helped.

Google does not have the answers to everything.

Holding baby in one hand and juggling my cereal bowl in the other is not easy but there is always time for cereal!

Sleep is over rated.

Unbrushed hair = effortless styling.

There really is such thing as that baby smell.

Breastfeeding in public is not easy.

Having good friends makes a huge difference.

The chaos that is my life is still not familiar to me, but I am slowly getting to know this new life the good and bad parts leave me guessing what’s coming next.

I only wish like most of us that time would slow down.

Francis James one month today






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