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Family visits, first smiles & new jeans

I have spent the last two weeks in Cambridge visiting family and friends, it has been lovely to see a handful of my favourites including my cat rupert who seemed pleased to see me.
Francis is growing each day and has even started smiling although I am told this is wind I like to think they are real smiles!

We have been very busy in recent times and I am finally learning how to multi task and juggle more than one task at once, this pleases me as I feel I have secured my place in the mummy club!
In other exciting news my friend has kindly given me a sling which means my shopping trips and walks along the seafront can be hassle free I do love my pram but I have not quite mastered curbs.

No more leggins… I have finally purchased some skinny jeans from topshop they are stretchy as well so I don’t need to worry about my baby weight. I couldn’t buy a new pair of jeans without a top to complete the outfit so I decided on a floaty top with buttons down the front (of course breast feeding friendly)




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