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In with the new

It has been years since I last treated my self to a new style at the hair salon, for the past few years I have simply relied on home kits to change my hair colour but each time I am left disappointed with the result so I figured its about time I get a new look.
What better time than now after having a baby my hair looks tired and the ends are dry,having said this as you can tell from my pictures I never go for a typically neat style and prefer to have wild hair which is why I have decided to go for the ombré look. Ombré hair has been the focus of hair trends for quite some time now this worried me as I know how quickly trends change but with its effortlessly messy appeal I know that this particular style will keep in with my look.

Tomorrow is the day I am both nervous and excited, I shall keep you posted and get some pictures up as soon as I get it done.

Out with the old in with the new.

Before the hair day…



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