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Hello sunshine.

A warm sunny morning walking to the hair dressers I begin to imagine all the possible things that could go wrong, knowing that my knotty locks are enough to send any hair dresser in a snippy frenzy I feel slightly scared.
Walking into to this unique salon soon settled any worries, with its rustic interior with a touch of vintage I had a good feeling I was going to enjoy being here.
I wasn’t left disappointed and realised how good it felt to have my hair washed! I am used to having a quick hair wash now I have Francis and as for the head massage … Bliss.
Following the colour application I was taken to a separate room to relax I caught up with the latest issue of Frankie magazine and got lost in the pages of my book.
I was in my element with vintage surroundings and cups of tea it felt like such a treat.
Turns out I had nothing to worry about with my hair I was in great hands and wasn’t left with a mullet or a bob instead I was left with a new ombré look. Walking out I had a spring in my step no more knotty unkept hair it was time for change, being a mum is hard going its easy to neglect your image but I made a vow to spend extra care with my locks even if it means having to do it fitting in with Francis’ routine I will promise to not allow my hair to resemble a birds nest again.

So apart from my hair day I have been enjoying the sun obviously! Luke and I enjoyed a picnic at the weekend and I even managed to find a lovely summer beach outfit for Francis which was a bargain at only £3.

Tomorrow is my last belated birthday treat as I am having a pedicure, this is exciting because as you can imagine the neglect for my hair wasn’t a one off… My toe polish is pretty shabby as well so lets hope all this pampering will remind me that regardless of being a full time mum there is still time and no excuses to still be you and I can finally say I am finally feeling a little better in my self.

Off topic .. Francis is smiling lots more now which is something special, each day feels like a mile stone and I am proud of every moment.







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