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Empty hours.

Emerging out of the depths of self-absorption most of my time is taken talking baby talk and staring at my sleeping baby even after 2 months of him being here the feeling is still a new feeling.
Still finding time to remind myself of who I am is a tough one simply due to the lack of hours at the end of the day, I often find myself wanting to take baths or slump down between a mass of pillows on the sofa or call my mum for empty conversation. It is this reality that has lead me to realise that I need to stick to my plans, I previously viewed my free time with a careless attitude but now with Francis being the centre of my world I should use this as focus to try harder at life!
My adolescent self was full of attitude and treated life with ungraceful disdain partly because I was playing up to a well rehearsed role, but my adult self has eased up on being so negative and have a new found respect for life and the people who are part of it.
Sure I am still going to waste my Monday nights catching up on Made In Chelsea but its time for a life make over…

In my mission to make changes I have started with organising a few things I started with baby Francis’ clothes that had been sitting in piles on his changing unit. I then decided to organise my make up and sort out my summer wardrobe, I even wrote my appointments in my diary like a real adult and wrote a few to-do lists & future plans.

I have finished my evening with a cuddle with Francis and a read of company mag … Now you can’t call that time wasting!





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  1. Hannah says:

    Hannah I’m so proud of you for organising your wardrobe!! πŸ™‚ time well spent. Hope you’re good – we should hang out on Friday πŸ™‚ xxx

    • Fighting with all that knitwear every morning was such a bore… It won’t last long no doubt. I would love to hang out Friday it feels like I haven’t seen you in ages even though it was probably just a few days haha (withdrawals from my favourite cat lady) xxxx

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