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The freckle story

Tiny brown dots scatter the surface of my skin too many to count – a map of freckles dotted all over my face.
As you can imagine the torment of playground bullies can leave quite an impact on an older mind however mature or moulded your thoughts may be.
I still fight with the appearance of my skin daily, attacking each surface with sweeps of foundation and blusher to at least disguise this look.
Looks like the words have risen from the depths of the playground tainting my views on my appearance and like recycled air these thoughts will keep coming back .
I have grown to accept that I will never like my freckles they will always be an unwanted addition to my face. It makes summer hard I love the sunshine but dislike the after effects.
My mother used to call them kisses from the sun in an attempt to make me feel less sensitive on the subject but unfortunately her words are wasted on me as no matter what, it will always be something I am conscious of.
We all have things we are no too fond of and often they are the things that other people like about us because its these little ‘flaws’ that keep us unique and build character.
I may not like my polka dots but they are here to stay.

In order to be at peace with my freckles I have purchased some new make up items to create a lighter foundation look, my favourite is the CC cream as it really does create a flawless look with great coverage without the caked on look I was trying to avoid. This is a L’Oreal one but most make up brands stock them now.
The blusher is Topshop and as you can gather from previous posts I am a devoted Topshop fan so it’s no surprise I love their make up range too. A light easy to apply blusher with a slight shimmer is perfect for the summer months to achieve that summer glow.
And finally the makeup item I could not be without… Mascara and this Lancôme one doesn’t mess around. It really does elongate the lashes and defines them at the same time.

My make-up bag staples.



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  1. Pinkjumpers says:

    I can’t believe that you got bullied for having freckles! Especially since I think they’re lovely, I often wish I had my own and I actually draw them on occasionaly. Haha, but as you say, we all have things we’re not too fond of 🙂
    Great post!

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