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Post pregnancy hair.

Throughout my pregnancy I was surprised with how thick my hair became and was lucky enough to hang on to my long locks without having to have a drastic cut to improve the condition. Unfortunately this was about to change, Francis was about one month old when I noticed clumps of hair falling out after each wash which inevitably left me horrified. I was soon reassured to hear this was in fact completely normal and just another part of pregnancy leaving its unnecessary leftovers (as if it hadn’t been bad enough!)

This is when I decided to have a cut and style change which I have blogged about in a previous post, having the initial cut was the first step to maintaining better hair care which is why I went ahead and purchased some shampoo and conditioner to help me keep up with hair maintenance.
Redken is used in salons worldwide and renowned for its results, I am always optimistic when spending over £5 on shampoo but after using this product once I was pleased to notice the difference straight away and I think my tangled hair reaped the benefits.

If your hair is indeed of some TLC especially post pregnancy treat yourself – you can purchase all the Redken products online here: Reken Online



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4 responses to “Post pregnancy hair.”

  1. Amria says:

    Heard only good things about Redken 😀

  2. Melizza says:

    I used theiry curly serum. It’s the best. And yes, losing the clumps of hair is traumatizing!

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