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The new black dress & other happenings

With the autumn sun piercing through the curtains and the dull sound of the radio playing, I find myself packing rhythmically which for such a gruelling task I was proud of my progress whilst little scampi’ had a nap.
Francis usually takes a short nap mid morning, at 6 months his naps are somewhat shorter but today was different as he was asleep for what felt like ages. Don’t get me wrong I am not complaining as I needed the time to get organised with chores but I felt vaguely lonely without his cooing sounds keeping me going.

After organising and packing I decided to try on my new black dress – just to make sure it fits (and have an excuse to wear it of course!) I am in love with this dress .. And can’t wait to wear it somewhere other than my living room.

An immediate confidence boost the little black dress is a must for every girls wardrobe… Even if like me you wear it to do the hoovering.




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