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Dress up

My mothers room always smelt like musty perfume and bed linen, her wardrobe had no structure clothes were bulging out from the half open doors, dresses wrapped in plastic coated with dust looked almost organised amongst the chaos. But I loved her wardrobe I would always pick out outfits and wear them around the house, I would tie silk scarves to my hair and pretend I had long locks proudly parading the living room as if I was modelling her forgotten clothes.

This is where it started …
I am still that girl only now my inquisitive mind leads me to charity shops, market stalls and of course topshop!

As a full time mother you won’t find me parading my living room in fancy trends on a daily basis instead I am proudly wearing my favourite styles – which often have little patches of dried up baby food perhaps a spot of baby vomit and most defiantly dribble marks.
But every now and then I will pick out one of my latest bargains or favourites and wear it around the house simple pleasures
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  1. rubyangel711 says:

    I agree—dressing up once in a while is a total pick-me-upper. Even if its just around the house. It’s comparable to putting on red lipstick just to lift your mood:)))

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