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The abandoned phone

The excitement of having my girls to stay was similar to the feeling I got before having a sleepover when I was younger. The difference wasn’t simply the obvious mature nature of our hang outs as I’m quite sure we still hold on to our child like charms when we get together, the difference was the silence so severe it was barley clear that we were friends.

The worst thing is the silence didn’t make us awkward because we were too busy on our smart phones to care for an awkward silence.

Eyes focused heads down and
thumbs scrolling back and forth the repetitive behaviour we were not even aware of, the evenings entertainment which used to consist of movies and long chats was now replaced with a drawn out silence the occasional buzz from the phone and a quick chuckle at a certain girls latest selfie.
What on earth have we become!
It didn’t take me long to conclude that this was pretty bleak.
After tackling the tricky subject of the extreme lack of conversation and phone addiction we realised the error of our ways, bowing down to social media and all it’s dull attributes was less tempting now.

Our phones lay side by side on the coffee table guilt ridden for being responsible for our social awkwardness possibly relieved to have a break for a while without being swiped and tapped.
Ten minuets passed – the worst was over with and finally conversation flowed effortlessly like old times. We discussed our childhood memories,current affairs and flicked through fashion magazines an evening we owed to ourselves for previously abandoning our friendship.

I loved tonight we have talked so much my throat feels dry we have laughed so much the muscles in my mouth feel strange, from now I promise not to have my head in my phone when I am in the company of my friends (or anyone for that matter).
Finishing the day with homemade pizzas a perfect ending to the evening, I would have taken a picture of our homemade pizzas but we were too busy eating them!



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  1. Appreciate this post. Let me try it out.

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