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Name the cat

Hello my loves
We have a new member of the family – a cute little female cat who was abandoned.
She has settled in very well so far and Francis is enjoying watching her run around.
The only problem is we have no name for her … This is where you all come in
I would love to hear your suggestions and if you choose a name that we go with you will receive a Ā£5 gift voucher to spend at Hello Harriet an adorable collection including mini cat illustrated mirrors,iPhone cases,nail art and much more.
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3 responses to “Name the cat”

  1. katiejourno says:

    I’d go with Harriet haha šŸ™‚ or pippin, poppy, clarabelle, milly, or even Meg’s. Hope you find a name you love even if it isn’t one of my suggestions!

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