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Winter blues

The past week has been spent with family.My dear nieces have invited me into their little world of make believe which has involved dressing up, tea parties and doctors.

Unfortunately we have been struck with the winter virus I would love to post an outfit of the day but instead I will describe my poorly person attire (I fear a picture will frighten you)

Baggy stripy top – due to over use a
covering of bobbles add to its antique appearance!
Jack wills joggers – 2006 just called and asked for its preppy jogging bottoms back only without the holes
My outfit wouldn’t be complete without the untouched topknot .. Oh goodness.

As soon as I get better I will get back to my usual updates šŸ™‚




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  1. Wink n Pout says:

    This was rather cute and not scary at all! Not complaining even a bit! Have fun!! šŸ™‚

    Love, Wink n Pout
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