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Homemade veggie burgers

Homemade veggie burgers

Sweet potato
Frozen peas
Spring onion
Plain flour
Bread crumbs

Boil potato, sweet potato and peas until nice and soft

Whilst these are boiling you can cut your spring onions into small pieces
Grate the courgette and hallumi
Mix together in a bowl with the spring onions.

Right so your potatoes and peas are nice and soft now you can mash them roughly and add to your mixture.

Put all your ingredients together in a bowl it doesn’t look particularly appetising yet huh!

Now you can add a table spoon of plain flour whisked egg and seasoning.
I used paprika and added a handful of fresh chilli.

Place the bowl in the fridge for an hour this will make it easier to work with.

Heat a touch of oil in a shallow pan and add a large spoonful of your mixture to the pan – flatten and shape to replicate little burgers using a spatular.
I lightly fried mine just to brown off the top and bottom I then put them to one side ready to bake for later.
Alternatively you could simply make your burgers and place them straight in the oven but make sure you grease the tin before.

To serve cut tortilla wraps into triangles place on a baking trey with a little oil and seasoning (paprika, peri peri spice ..) bake until crisp

A perfect side with a bit of salsa and salad.



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