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Chasing identity

For years I’ve moulded and perfected the path I want to follow. Time proved that I could create my own path leave the old behind because too many people tread the same path.

After this realisation my former expectations of what I’m meant to be and how I fit in disappeared and finally I was able to breathe, no longer was I suffocating under the influence of other people forming my decisions.

So my youth left quietly, sure I kept hold of it held it tightly and like a fond memory I revisited it occasionally.
The lesson I learnt when forming my own path in life was that it takes time and effort to be yourself in today’s society especially as we are spoilt with idols and influences, but choosing to be who you want to be wearing what you want to wear and doing the things that make you happy is something that when you get older you will be proud of.

I used to be lost – I think that’s called your twenties.



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