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Cake and chaos

I try to capture a moment in a split second amongst the hustle and bustle, the sound of new toys chirping/singing/ talking is an immediate distraction and a sudden realisation that I won’t get to celebrate another first year with Francis – this is what makes birthdays special right?

After my ‘moment’ I continue my motherly duties and feed the masses making sure everyone is piling their plates with party food and birthday cake. I manage to scoff handfuls of finger food in my mouth while balancing cups of tea a party trick in itself I’m sure!
My house is full and bursting with energy, the sound of my nieces laughter fills the room as she watches Francis crash into just about everything with his new ride-on toy.
Everyone is happy and I am delighted to share this special day with loved ones.

Day two of celebrations takes place in a soft play area somewhere new and different for Francis to explore, his curiosity is adorable and the sheer excitement on his little face made me so proud. It was at this moment I sat down on one of those big foam chairs sipping my ultra sugary drink that I became struck with emotion, I tried to conceal my tears by using my hair to cover my face slightly but it was too late the flood gates were open… So there I was sippy cup in one hand surrounded by balls and plastic toys crying in the middle of a very busy soft play.
My dear mother came running over as soon as she realised that I was in fact having a rather open melt down, I could tell she was embarrassed but she still wrapped her arms around me we both looked over at the children playing so nicely together. Wiping the black mascara from my cheeks she said:
‘Hannah my love one year has passed – he will always be your baby you are still my baby look at you’

So that was it somewhere between the cake and chaos I managed to come to terms with the fact that my baby is now reaching another mile stone all I can do is keep up.

Happy birthday Francis James







(It was also my dad’s birthday I can honestly say my relationship with cakes is over)


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  1. T. D. Davis says:

    Not so much! I’d say your relationship with cakes is just beginning. 🙂 These are great years. I hope you enjoy them thoroughly!

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