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Holiday home

My house has been a little like a holiday home in recent times, the perks of living a 5 minuet walk from the seafront means family visits are more frequent.
I treated my mum and sister to a spot of shopping we hit all the charity shops in the area on a mission to find preloved clothes on a small budget. We succeeded on our quest for outfits which meant we could happily spend money on other more important things like wine and olives (a Ross family tradition the two go hand in hand)
After a week of indulging, spending too much money and giggling with my sister, I plan to spend this week getting back into a normal routine which I think Francis will be more than happy to return to.



In other baby related news – Francis is almost walking which is super exciting if not a little worrying too!
I look him from a distance his knowing eyes watching everything with questions. This stage is fascinating as he is finding his feet … I’ve just got to find mine now so I can catch up.

Love to all x


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