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Beach life

I spend lots of time on the beach these days especially now it’s started to feel more like summer, the sea air does wonders for my soul.
I often take Francis for long evening walks by the sea, the aftermath of hustle and bustle has left a warming silence, the sand heated from the afternoon sunshine feels soft I can’t help but wriggle my toes deep into it.
Francis sits happily filling his bucket with shells and sand the sheer excitement on his face when he tips it up is adorable.
Right now – this moment I couldn’t be happier I feel like I have been given a big hug the kind of hug that goes on longer than anticipated but without being awkward, the kind of hug I want to last longer.





The bikini top I am wearing in this photo is a seafolly one although it’s a little on the pricey side it’s certainly worth it. This is the first bikini I don’t feel self conscious in that’s got to be good right!


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