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The title of this post did not take much thought, ‘home’ even when said out loud just brings that warm feeling in my heart. After a long day of traveling or working anything away from my place of comfort really, I like that going home feeling
the familiar smells and surroundings have become like an old friend, we sometimes fall out over bad smells,over flowing bins and messy corners but most of the time I am greeted with warmth and a rather honest view of real family life – how it should be.

Other than regaining a sincere love and attachment to my little home by the sea I have been treating myself and family to a much needed and long over due food make-over.

Generally speaking I like to think we are a healthy(ish) family we don’t over indulge or waste hours watching soaps on t.v we like to keep pretty active. But whats missing is the knowledge and love of real food that makes both cooking and eating part of everyday family life.
I love cooking as you can guess from previous posts, and I am sure if you follow me on istagram you will see a shameful collection of bakes and homemade treats I deem worthy of a hashtag!
The agreement I have made with myself from now and hopefully see through the rest of my life, is that I am going to make a conscious effort to seek out foods that hold benefit to our bodies, foods that boast nutritional value as well as being easy enough to prepare quickly.
I will be post any recipes I think you may like 🙂
My current food bible is Hemsley Hemsley the art of eating well
These girls are amazing and I am sure you will agree that the meals they present are inspiring for any health aware or in fact any hungry person!

The bible of all cookbooks!

The bible of all cookbooks!

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food blog 2

Framcis food 2

Francis food


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  1. queenbeady says:

    Your food looks delectable! I want it now 😍
    Rebecca @

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