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I quit!

I feel like I am currently sat in the circle of an AA meeting waiting for my turn to stand up and confess my troubles, unburden my thoughts

– giving my self a certain sense of achievement through something that is truly a terrible trait.

Similar to an unwanted habit or an addiction to something that’s bad for you, my problem is frowned upon and tainted with a negative approach.

I am addicted to quitting …. Now that wasn’t too hard to say although I am not sure I like the way the word sounds it has an aggressive edge.

Never the less I honestly try to change my ways and be a little more consistent. But unfortunately my quitting habits have stuck with me throughout my life.

As a teenager it was almost expected and perhaps I could get away with it back then as it was more of a way of life, my hair was an obvious indication to my ever changing mind and my work ethic hadn’t quite reached a respectable level (much to my fathers disappointment)

But I left those carefree days behind long ago along with a terrible fashion sense and even worse hair styles, the only thing I kept was an embarrassing taste in heavy metal and this awful attitude towards quitting.

Things start to get tough and I quit, I see thick black fog and I don’t try to get out of it and truthfully I am not sure why.

I have two jobs on the go and one of them I decided to leave. I had pondered the idea for a few weeks but it didn’t make quitting any easier.

I am left with disappointment as my habit rears its ugly head reminding me of that pesky teenager I once was.

I conclude this negative story with a little lighter thought – perhaps I just feel comfortable in doing what I think is right and regardless of how other people may perceive it, quitting is strangely courageous and there is nothing wrong with rebelling against society’s constant demands.

I am a mother and providing I don’t quit my other job I am sure this quitting spree will stop there.

I haven’t quit being a mother so there’s a thing right! 😉


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