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gloomy jumpers.

A festival of vibrant colours and light materials crowd my wardrobe, big hats and long floaty dresses. But sadly the cool sea air is reminding me that although we are still in august, summer is passing us pretty quickly.

I am currently listening to Farewell Jr – music to suit my mood, my jumper has a slight musty smell as I left it tucked away before the summer. But that’s ok because today feels like a day of change which although I am usually uncomfortable with it feels necessary.

Whist the weather begins its inevitable change, I follow suit in trying to find appropriate wardrobe staples –  a casual affair involving perfect timing (waiting for little francis’s nap time), coffee in my favorite cup, music and of course urban!

Urban Outfitters have the best selection of oversized jumpers – my ultimate favorite!

A few of my favs! fashion 3 40b874_8ddd843538aa9755813b4ed48b1bf401.png_srz_p_379_383_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srz


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