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Hello 2015

Hello 2015,
You look bright, inviting and full of prospect. You remind me of new snow that hasn’t been walked on and you smell like a new book with fresh untouched pages. I like new starts almost as much as I like new stationary.

The last part of 2014 I took a break from blooging without intending to. I left behind my love of fashion taking photos and general writing to pursue a new business venture.
Mothering a new business is much like having a child in the sense I am taking care not to show it off until it’s mature enough to stand alone, it has kept me up late at night and left me asking what the hell am I doing’ on several occasions.
So with this and everything else going on my blog has yet again taken a back seat. I was debating on leaving this completely, but going through my past blog posts I would be leaving behind something that had just as much meaning as my new business does. The only difference is that this is not shiny and new like a new venture. How awful of me to neglect something that was part of my journey as a mother to simply
replace it with something else.

Well 2015 I promised to work a little harder at multi tasking!
So although I haven’t got a huge amount of content here for now I wanted to reassure my followers that I am back:) and will be updating my usual posts as well as giving
you an insight into this new business journey.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and make the most of the fresh new year.

I could’t resist leaving you with some pictures …

Jumper – Topshop
baggy jumper

Dress – New Look
Sparkle dress

A classic start to the new year.



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  1. happy new year! you guys are adorable πŸ˜€ starting a new business sounds so exciting <3
    instagram: the_ch1ara πŸ™‚

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