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I Give up Giving Up .. (for now)

Hello there,

I would welcome you back with open arms and smile politely behind my computer screen, but the truth is I am ashamed of my lack of blogging.

It is not just blogging that has got the short straw unfortunately. Distancing myself from writing every now and then is something I have become good at, it is a habit I don’t tend to talk about often as giving up is something I can’t seem to give up!

So here I begin again, I can’t seem to leave this blog it provides so much nostalgia when I look back  that I feel certain I should keep it up. Even if it becomes just a little place to house my memories and thoughts pictures and quotes.

If any of you read my posts previously you will remember my little son Francis – well he is now 2 years old!

He is a happy, playful, cheeky little toddler. Adventurous and courageous which keeps mummy on tender hooks on a daily basis.

I hope I can continue to share our moments.


My Outfit – Topshop

Francis’s Outfit – Zara 


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