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The last minute dress.

Hello there!

I thought I would upload a picture of the outfit I wore to a wedding I went to this weekend.
After panic buying a bargain dress weeks before I was convinced I would be fine. But in true me style I hated the other dress the day before the wedding.

Luckily ASOS have an option of next day delivery even if ordered the night before! So although I was cutting it fine, this dress was perfect for a summer wedding. The best part was I could eat as much food/cake as I wanted without the dress feeling uncomfortable or too tight (surely this is an added bonus)

ASOS Dress


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4 responses to “The last minute dress.”

  1. Fab dress 🙂 hope you enjoyed the wedding!

  2. mute_style says:

    The beauty of ASOS!! Love this last minute look 💕

  3. Ina Library says:

    Very cute! Great choice! So much better than buying something exorbitant!! 🙂

    • Hi Ina – Thank you I am glad I went for this one. Although now I just look at it hanging up, wondering when I am going to get the chance to wear it again. Might start doing the house work in it 😉 haha xx

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