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This evening I have been searching the internet for clothes for Francis. I am extremely fussy with his outfits and try to avoid clothing with massive boy cliches like monsters, tractors, cars, diggers… (you get the idea)

Francis adores these things (apart from monsters) and a few of his tshirts have these on. I just prefer him in softer colours that suit his complexion.

My partner is convinced I am creating a fashion conscious toddler, but I think these little quirks are what differentiate us and if any thing it helps distract me from the constant wardrobe tantrums I have myself šŸ˜‰

I have always been obsessed with baby leggins – I think they are adorable. Unlike tailored trousers and rough jeans they are soft and comfortable which makes running around and being a crazy little person slightly easier on their delicate skin.

I do love jeans but I avoid putting Francis in them when I know we will be having a hectic soft play/park running around being mental kinda day.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Tobias and the Bear

I love this print. I don’t make a habit of contradicting myself but this is an exception. These monsters are cute right?

Lola & Stella

Again these have a simular theme going with the animal/geometric prints. What I love about these is that they are handmade, organic and super cool. Sometimes I think I might be cluctching on to the baby grow days where Francis would be in a romper every day. This style of soft clothing reminds me that he is still that little baby, it sort of soothes my motherly panic around Francis growing too fast.

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