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Cambridge trip, family fun and that marigold dress!

Hello there,

I have just arrived home after a long family visit to Cambridge. It has been so lovely catching up with my sisters and family/friends.

It is all very exciting there at the moment as my younger sister is expecting her first baby in under 3 weeks time now! It feels so strange passing on advice and tips as it still feels new to me at times. Not only that to me she will always be my baby sister, so it feels most strange seeing her nesting and preparing for her little one.

Francis has loved seeing his family too, with lots of cousins to play with and animals galore we have not been short of things to do.

Which is why as I sit here now on my day off, the quietness whilst Francis naps is odd and not as satisfying as I imagined it to be.

I had better drink this hot chocolate quickly before naptime ends and I am bombarded with demands and requests!

I will write a more detailed update on my trip when I am not feeling quite so reliant on my online shopping and chocolate fix.

Here are a few snaps.

hannah imogen francis and the cat

The dress I am wearing here is from Topshop (link below)


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