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We found our space.

There are times in my week when not even a peaceful coffee and a good book can see me through the manic days.

This is when nature and the great outdoors rescues me from all that is crazy.

Looking out into the distance at all the long corn and the vast space around me, the pleasure comes from just spending quiet time with Francis as he explores what’s around him. Stumbling as he trys to get to grips with the long grass and the dirt tracks, he looks to me for reasurence between picking up stones and chasing the dog. I look over my shoulder to see my blonde haired adventurer taking it all in just as I am.

We walk past the old church and I tell him all about it, he has no interest but the effort is there! I hold his hand and we count to 10 as Millie dog races ahead before stopping to round us up.

Back to the daily chores and normaity was not quite so bad as we have had our fix for now, until another manic day that is.

hannah field 1 hannah feild 2 francis field hannah field 4


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