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You are a parent – you are doing great.

Francis and I have made the most of the summer rain fall, and spent the morning jumping in puddles.

Of course after all that running and jumping up and down I couldn’t resit a coffee shop a mocha was far too tempting.

Sitting down in our usual spot we talked about the puddles and the splashes that we made, Francis so excited he was reliving moments in his thoughts and shining through was a huge grin and a look that said – thanks mum.

An elder lady interrupted our little chat and politely asked to sit on our table we didn’t mind at all.

Half way through my mocha I felt her eyes on us. I caught her smiling at us it was then that she told me how lucky that I am for having this time and making the most of it. I explained to her how conscious I am of how precious these moments are, it is what the elders have taught me and I have listened to the wise words.

She went on to say how she longs for her babies the ones she had 40 years ago, she wished she had been better and done more things back then.

I took it upon myself to reassure her as the guilt in her voice reminded me of myself. We all look back and wonder what we could have done better, we wish we had more time more patience and less worry.

There is no room for motherhood on that pedestal, we tend to make comparisons to those around us and become our own critics.

She was thankful that I talked to her and gave her my time, to remind her that she was and is a great mother. We all need praise a gentle reminder that sometimes life is tough but we make it out alright.

Make room on that pedestal it is exactly where you mothers should be kept and admired for all your worth.

A little compliment to other parents is a wonderful thing it is nice to be praised for something that is often ignored.


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