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Summertime Sadness

Drifting through the long days, the hard days and the days I wish would last longer. A month that should be embraced with BBQ’s, picnics and soaking up the sun. My doors should be wide open to let the warm air bleed through, my evenings should be long and I should be able to smell the aftermath of suncream on my bare arms.

Instead my doors are closed and covered in a pattern of rain drops, my washing is piled in bags as I can’t dry it outside due to the intervals of  rain.

I can’t smell summer or BBQ’s or suncream I can just smell damp in the air.

I love English summers for many reasons but this time round I am disappointed and let down by the pesky weather.

I miss wearing pretty dresses and sandals
sunglasses and hats. I don’t want to wear my baggy jumpers not yet!

The other day the evening was pretending to be summer so we walked to the beach in an attempt to remind ourselves that it was in fact august and not autumn.

Summer Blues


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