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Movie club, snuggles and the never ending rain.

Movie club is in full swing, the snacks are out and we are snuggled on the sofa. We are mirroring one of our typical winter afternoons .. only it is summer!

Although I am tiring of play-doh sweet shop and Disney classics, I am sick of seeing my house looking like soft play and I am wishfully looking out the window at any sight of sunshine or at least a break in rain fall.
I kind of enjoy the lack of routine these days have been holding for me and ‘scamp’
I mean who knows if we are going to watch bambi (almost certain it is a rainy day regular in this house) we might bake or paint we might eat lunch before lunch because we can.

So for this reason I guess being stuck indoors is not too bad. I am equally grateful I have not been working as much so I get to enjoy some quality time with little Francis.

Have you got any rainy day activities you want to share? I am getting lost in pinterest but not sure I have the ability to create castles and forts out of drink cartons and empty toilet rolls!

Here is a picture of Francis before we went out in the rain.. He has had these leggins for over a year now and although they are ‘girly’ I have always loved him in stripes šŸ™‚

In other news the thought of doing my food shop when my partner comes home, is enough to keep me going through this long day. It is an excuse to actually wear something that is not paint splattered and covered in toddler mess. I might even do my hair for the occasion – blimey!


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