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Simple Sunday.

Good Morning šŸ™‚

It is a rainy bank holiday Monday morning here. I am the only one downstairs at the moment which is very strange for Francis as he is usually up before anyone.
I am a huge morning person I love the uncertainty of what my day may hold and this morning is especially nice as I have this time alone.
I have managed to indulge in some online browsing adding a silly amount of things to my basket that of course I will never purchase – wishful thinking.
Coffee has been consumed and enjoyed without interruption and now I can sit here and listen to morning friendly music. This is bliss.

I have been blessed this weekend, with the bank holiday making the weekend long and drawn out I have had the pleasure of Luke’s company. Yesterday morning Francis and Luke walked to my favorite bakery and picked up fresh coffee and pastries. It is a Sunday tradition that I am willing to keep as long as my waist line will allow me.
There is nothing quite better than an empty day ahead with no expectations or time schedules.
The simplicity of my morning perhaps seems dull when explained but the small details that made for the perfect day have left me smiling to myself.

Wearing Luke’s massive dressing gown with my hair bunched up to one side, my hands wrapped around a hot coffee and my eyes glued to our son who was happily playing with his wooden rabbit. We exchanged smiles Luke and I as we soaked up the morning delights and admired our son’s playful outbursts.

Soon enough our moment became a beautiful memory.


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