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The Baggy Shirt.

Hello there!

It is no surprise that most of the outfits I feature on here are a slouchy style, often way too baggy and at times I look like I could be ready for bed. I suppose my hair plays a part in the bedtime look as well.

So although I would love to upload pictures of me looking glamorous and sleek, or even the odd picture of my hair looking washed. It is simply not true to real life for me, after all I spend most of the time running after a toddler and climbing in soft-play mountain.

There is hope though… there is a date night lined up soon and I promise to look less wild mummy, this will of course be documented as these nights are pretty rare.

In true me style here is a picture of today’s outfit.

The shirt is from NewLook

Boots are also NewLook


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  1. Bhavika says:

    You look amazing! ♡

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