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Makeshift hospital bed.

Post operation apart from feeling sorry for myself and pretty drowsy I feel comforted by the treats and stacks of reading material I am surrounded by. As well as being nestled under a comfy blanket with Netflix on command.

I make light of this because I am in recovery mode now and it’s easy to get lost in sadness.

Luckily for me Luke has taken the rest of the week off work, which means entertaining Francis is not my priority right now although I get all the cuddles of course.
It is so nice to see a change in roles I see Luke step into my shoes, doing things differently in his own muddled way.
I am pretty useless right now so I can’t nag him for not doing the washing up straight away or picking up washing and reloading the machine I can’t challenge him on how much he has interacted with Francis or what he has given him to eat. And for once I am not taking control. Apart from looking a little stressed and tired (haha welcome to my daily schedule) Luke is proving that we all have our own way of taking lead our own way parenting he has shown me that I fret way too much and worry about pointless things rather than enjoying quality time with scamp.

My make shift hospital bed on the sofa is covered in crumbs and unfinished notes but for once I have let go and let this recovery time teach me how to slow down a bit.

Here is to a few more sofa days before I am back to normal … be prepared for posts with no real content just ramblings from a mind that is unfamiliar with the freedom of time.


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