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The Bargain Coat. Autumn Vibes.


Autumnal threads are pretty much the same for me each year. I will buy several jumpers and turtle necks in a variation of shades with slight differences on the baggy scale. I tend to stick with baggy baggy to maintain my comfort, perhaps on the rare occasion I get to go out for the evening I will free my insecurities and trade the oversize for a figure hugging number.
Adventurous I am not but I am ok with that, there is nothing better than being able to scrunch my legs up into my chest replicating a weird yoga pose with my huge jumper covering my knees a cosy human knit ball!

IMG_3856 (2)

The coat I am wearing here is a Primark find. I don’t usually brave the often over crowded Primark, partly due to the overwhelming amount of clothes scattered in piles on the floor replicating a typical Topshop sale. I have no patience to search for my size through the masses of clothes, nor can I handle fighting with other eager eyes over the last trendy jumper.
But I swallow my words on this occasion and surprise myself for braving my least favorite shop.
Granted I am not overly impressed with the stitching or the finish of the coat but how can I complain for a small price tag £25 a bargain indeed!
It is perfect for these unsure autumn days the contrasting weather gives this coat its purpose. Money well spent.

So there you have it a typical post – a view point from my perfectly sunny Saturday morning. A balance of creative outbursts, toddler mayhem and caffeine fixes.

Happy weekend folks 🙂


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