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Monday be Good.

Monday has a hard time people hate Monday. Yet the start of the week holds promise.. a sort of we can do this approach is how I deal with the eye rolling ordeal of Monday mornings in this house.

With this said it is hard to believe what lovely weather we had last week. Autumnal sunshine which was perfect for daytrips and spontanious outtings.
So although it is raining and I can’t see us taking park trips today there is something great about change it keeps me on my toes and leaves us appreciating the better days.

Today doesn’t hold much in terms of excitment and chores are the main agenda for the day.
But as Francis and I look back through last weeks pictures, I can’t complain we are just the other side of what is now a memory a different day that holds different hopes.

Can you tell I am on a positive mind make over 😉

Whatever you are doing this Monday even if like me you are swimming in piles of laundry and tackling monotonous chores. Just remember there are other days that all hold something different to hold on to. Keep going and stay positive.

Make a list of five different things you want to do this week and have things to look forward to.

I am working on my list but so far I just wrote down wine – perhaps I am anticipating a long week 😉

Happy Monday


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